At Good Earth Tools, we have partnered with hundreds of customers representing various industries to solve their most extreme impact and wear problems. Good Earth Tools utilizes Tungsten Carbide, various steels, and brazing materials, and we have perfected the electronic induction brazing process to bond them together. Many customers have found that the life expectancy of Good Earth Tools wear components can outlast steel by as much as 25 to 1. In addition to our customer service and wear protection service, Good Earth Tools can offer additional services such as engineering, fabrication, high-definition plasma cutting, and technically advanced machining services. Contact our Good Earth Tools team today to learn more about all of our services available to you!


Good Earth Tools is a specialty manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide wear products. As a result of partnering with customers and utilizing sound engineering principles, we’ve provided solutions for multiple applications and industries worldwide since 1964. Our facility has 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to designing, engineering, and fabricating wear product components. Are you looking for custom fabrication, brazing, or machining services? We would be happy to discuss your needs. Please contact us!

Deliveringthe Best

Good Earth Tools has developed a strong partnership with many of our customers. Our partnerships are built on trust, experience, and an expertise that has become an industry standard for manufacturing reliable wear-resistant parts. From Engineering to Sales, Customer Service to Shipping, the GET team goes above and beyond to ensure that we provide top quality and long-lasting solutions for our customers.


Good Earth Tools has built a reputation as a specialty manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide wear parts that industries have depended on for outstanding service and return on investment (ROI).