Tungsten Carbide Solutions


Electronic Induction BrazedSolid Tungsten Carbide

  • Silver brazed in place with a bond strength in excess of 25,000 PSI
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Up to a 30x increase in product life span over steel
  • Material can be engineered to withstand high impact
  • Performs well in corrosive environments
  • Used in applications such as fan linings, skid shoes, and screens


Solid Tungsten Carbide Granules infused in a hard-facing material

  • Proprietary Good Earth Tools process injects Tungsten Carbide chips into a weld stream
  • Boasts many of the wear characteristics of solid Tungsten Carbide plus exceptional impact resistance while being extremely cost-effective
  • Large Tungsten Carbide particle size lends itself to applications involving heavy impact


Plasma-AppliedTungsten Carbide

  • Proprietary Good Earth Tools process injects carbide powders into a plasma stream
  • Used in applications where there is a combination of impact and abrasion, such as hammers, chippers, and equipment skids
  • Impact-resistant nature lends itself well to applications involving hammers and high-speed particle streams


Flexible TungstenCarbide Mixture

  • Proprietary Good Earth Tools Tungsten Carbide mixture
  • Flexible substance conforms to the shape of the component
  • Performs well in applications with impact, abrasion, erosion, and corrosion
  • Can be used in high heat applications
  • Extremely cost-effective wear solution


We have partnered with hundreds of customers representing many different industries all over the globe, helping them solve their most extreme impact and wear issues in various applications. Equipment that is exposed to high impact, constant abrasion and wear, and even corrosive materials requires constant maintenance and experiences frequent downtime. This is a costly situation that can greatly reduce productivity and can create safety concerns as employees must be in dangerous situations to replace parts. If these are problems that you have in your operation, rest assured that Good Earth Tools can help.