"Z-Screws yield more than four times the wear life, and still keep going”

Impact and abrasion in material handling can cost facilities maintenance downtime and damaged equipment and repairs.

Transport screws are particularly susceptible. The push face of the screw experiences wear from continuous sliding abrasion and contact with materials such as asphalt, ash, coal, gravel, concrete, ore, grain, or sand.


Good Earth Tools works with our customers to develop proven solutions to reduce or eliminate wear. After doubling the wear life on one customer’s material handling screws, for example, GET engineers analyzed and optimized the second generation of Z-Screws to yield more than four times the wear life, and still going!


The combination of solid Tungsten Carbide and hardfacing has more than quadrupled the life of these feed screws.

A skilled GET engineer quality checking a Z-Screw in production.

GET Carbide-protected Z-Screws are able to withstand the harsh environment of material handling.


Three years ago, a customer with a material transport feed screw complained of severe wear that compromised production output after just six months. This extreme wear situation required an off-schedule outage and shutdown, as well as complicated and expensive replacement, to keep the line producing rock wool. Good Earth Tools brought superior engineering and wearproofing to these large (10-foot by 2-foot) feed screw sections and extended the life four-fold to more than two years… and still going! With GET Tungsten Carbide wearproofing, the customer saw increased production and a better, more consistent product.


Standard screws lasted a maximum of six months.

The GET Z-Screws each had more than 8,000 pieces of Carbide applied, and lasted more than two years, and still going!

F: Solid Tungsten Carbide tiles applied to the face of each screw.

B: One of the most abrasion-resistant materials available, Tungsten Carbide withstands

wear exponentially longer than steel.


F: Hard facing on the screw barrels and the remaining portion of the feed screw flights for

further protection.


B: Customers won’t be caught “chasing the wear”, as the entire feed screw flight is protected.

F: GET feed screws last more than four times longer than the competition.

B: The GET Z-Screws are able to extend performance, reducing plant downtime and increasing performance.


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